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    "ok here it is... How Dictator Are You... "
  • Twilight
    "I do agree though i think the boooks are better than the movie and I hope new moon is alot better."
  • "I dont think dakota should play in the movie jane because I though jane had like black hair maybe short and a temper and not dakota fanning..."
  • New Guy
    "I am 14 and turning 15 in November.I live in NYC."
  • New Quiz
    "No.Idk and dkare."
  • Miley Cyrus
    "Hate her. And did you see her last nicklodeon award thing.Her outfit inapproiate and so were the dancesteps."
  • Quizzes
    "[no urls] That is my quiz click on it if you want or post your own quiz and hope you get a few extra veiws."
  • No Subject
    "I know there are alot of tv shows about vamps like have you heard of tureblood its on every sunday at either 8 to 9 or 9 to 10 well whatever..."
  • Twilight 01
    "Hey I'd like to hear of what you guys think of the books and movie twilight or the movie about to be relaesed New Moon."
  • UMMMM..
    "who likes literature much less knows any not me"
  • No Subject
    "so what about any vampire love story tv show but not twilight,who agrees who dissagress "
  • "No,it wasn't surprisingbecause Edward just coudn't stand to lose Bella and neither she so that was the only soution plus there would have ha..."
  • No Subject
    "cool,but i suck at guitar hero"
  • Traveling
    "what about hawii,my freinds mother is from hawii,it is sounds cool"
  • "I like it it sounds cooll"

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