What Should Your First Name Be?

What is a perfect name? A perfect name is non existent. Every name you have is of your count. Don't let any one judge your name. So don't take this quiz literally.

Do you have a perfect name? Of course you do! It's your opinion that counts and don't let anyone tell you different. If you think lowly of your name, you will feel parted. Because without your name you are no one.

Created by: pilotofdoom0
  1. What is your favorite sport?
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. Which one of these best describes you?
  4. What is your favorite game?
  5. What is your favorite hobby?
  6. How dumb are you?
  7. Are you bored?
  8. What is you favorite song?
  9. What do you usually wear?
  10. What is your favorite clothes brand?

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Quiz topic: What should Ir First Name Be?