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  • absolomprison Newbie
    hey guys im extremely new and don't know any of you so figured id start this new thread
  • absolomprison Newbie
    i live in australia so you guys no where do you's live
    how old are you guys
  • rachcab21 Newbie
    I live in Maryland and I'm 13 years old. I'm turning 14 next year on April 21. People think I'm cool, but they are just admirers and don't really want to be my friend (well, at least I think so.)
  • absolomprison Newbie
    im 15 im turning 16 on the 30 of november
    and i hve no friends =P jus kiddin lol
  • rachcab21 Newbie
    Haha! I could see you have a sense of humor.
  • rachcab21 Newbie
    Um...You know that you put this thread in the Movies and Actors section, right? You were suppose to put it in the Offbeat forum. I don't blame you though, since you're a newbie.
  • rachcab21 Newbie
    Sorry. I'm WAY out of topic. I like skateboarding, singing, acting, writing, running, and a lot of things. I'm Asian, but I don't or sound like I'm Asian, which is weird.
  • absolomprison Newbie
    yeah soz lol
    i lyk footy and vid games as long as its with friends can't sing lol....
  • absolomprison Newbie
    what new movies are in the cinema's over there weve got lyk Gi joe and up has jus come out
  • Anastasia Novice
    Hi nice to meet you absolomprison. I live in Hawaii and I turn 15 in december. I like music, writing, drawing, random things. Hi rachcab21!
  • Carri04 Novice
    Nice ta' meetcha absolomprison, name's Carri04
    I live in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada (guess I'm the only canadian here Dx I feel so left out)

    I'm 12 turning 13 this year at October 4 and I can't count how many friends I have.

    I like singing, writing, joking, being absolutely random, anything to do with music, and best of all LISTENING TO MUSIC! HOLLA!!

    I'm Asian too :)


    Peace out brother/sister (don't know if you're a guy or girl so uh sorry)
  • rachcab21 Newbie
    HEY ANASTASIA AND CARRI04! ROCK OUT! I'm also cool, so don't hate me newbie. Nice seeing you in the forums! Have fun looking around!
  • Jtb1996 Novice
    hey absolomprison. nice to kno we have another partying buddy. xD im 13 and i live in ny. i like annoying carri, reading, and running. and being absolutely weird. =D so have fun on gotoquiz!!! (whatever u do dont give LM12 beer or tequila. and do not insult carri or bambi if u want to live. ZINTAAA!!)
  • twifreak Novice
    I am 14 and turning 15 in November.I live in NYC.
  • Carri04 Novice
    Another nice fact about me I love insulting Jtb every chance I get, it's fun

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