twilight breaking dawn.(spoiler!!)

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Thread Topic: twilight breaking dawn.(spoiler!!)

  • twilighter Newbie
    Soooooo... did anyone expect edward and bella to get married, have nessie, AND LIVE TO TELL THE TALE!!! it was suprising to me!!
  • nessie14 Newbie
    it was actually pretty predictable, but i loved it all the same!!! haha i love the fact that my computer name is always Nessie, and Renesmee's nickname is Nessie!
  • twifreak Novice
    No,it wasn't surprisingbecause Edward just coudn't stand to lose Bella and neither she so that was the only soution plus there would have had to be a baby because that is the problem vampires can't have babies,duh.
  • maddicutie10 Newbie
    it was very predictable, but it was still good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bambi Novice
    I didn't like Breaking Dawn as much as the other series. I wish Jacob didn't imprint on Renesmee because even though it kind of worked out well it was kind of weird. I liked Eclipse the best.
  • lulu21 Newbie
    I liked it SOOO much! I kinda predicted that she would turn into a vampire and they would get married but not that they would have Renesmee. I liked the fact that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee because now he finally has someone and won't grieve over Bella. plus I think Jacob is HOT!
  • rachcab21 Novice
    Whoa! I didn't know that happened! CREEPY! Ahem...Not that I care about Twilight. He...*smiles weakly*
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    ? twilight geek
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    xVaMpIrEx Novice
    anwser? okay...

    No one gives a god damn f--- about that twilight s---!
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    only FUKFACES do.
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    lilfreakgryl Newbie
    Twlight sucks dick.
    Wow I haven't used the word 'dick' in a long time..
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    F U C K Twilight
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    tomboykaitie Novice

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    Bambi Novice

    Gosh, you sheep ^^
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    Hikaru Katsu Novice
    Gosh, you swine.

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