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    "*high fives nessie14*"
  • Please take!
    "??????? me confused.... but i think da quiz dous not com like that..... just say the name cuz id like to take your quiz( watever it is!)..."
  • Twilight
    "thanks "
    "3 hours! "
  • Twilight
    "also "freak" is not a good word for someone trying to break up an online fight... "
  • Twilight
    "a few things appleberry...#1 I KNOW NONE OF U!!! #2 its creepy dude...the lol thing #3 i agree that u have the right to speak! but i believe..."
    "i hav seen problems with threads in da past .. but i think dis 1 should be clean....K > OK so dat is over with.. how long did"
  • Twilight
    "my friend next to me is crying cause u 2 are wasting ur lives on a fourm......."
  • Twilight
    "dudes stop, please!!!! this is stupid and BOTH of u should stop...( appleberry, y do u keep saying LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..."
  • Twilight
    "twilight freak/appleberry shut up!! u are both right!!!!!im in sixth grade and u 2 are being stupid !!! all the books spoken are good!!! app..."
  • "Soooooo... did anyone expect edward and bella to get married, have nessie, AND LIVE TO TELL THE TALE!!! it was suprising to me!!"
  • "yep!!!! "
  • Twilight
    "rob is kinda wierd but hot....."

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