Im Impossible to win!

Well actually this quiz is pretty random.i just made the answers up :P so u have to go at it over and over again:) challenging huh..well thats what makes this quiz fun.the random questions and all.

Do u think you have what it takes to fisnish me with a b or higher?i think not...try it and find out. prove me wrong!go at it :)ive beat it with 100 it my quiz..will u dominate my quiz?

Created by: ricky
  1. what holds The earth in its place?
  2. if.... 4=5 and 6=7 and 8=9 10= ?
  3. gknfjkfnl sdhsjdshka
  4. what color is blood before it reacts with oxygen?
  5. jack and jill went up the.......
  6. 1,2,3,4,5,.....
  7. why are potatoes brown
  8. what was the answer to question 5?
  9. what does HP stand for?
  10. What word do this letters spell?.......rtymh
  11. ARE you smart...just spell =>{it}

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