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Thread Topic: Twilight

  • twifreak Novice
    Isn't Robert so freakin hot and sexy!!!You could fry some eggs on that bad boy,he is an awesome actor.He chose wrong to go with Kristen,she is a pretty bad actor in adventurland too.She plays a normal teenager girl so there is no need for acting cause she dosen't have it. Thread back if you think Kristens a bad acotr or Robert is smokin hot.
  • I think twilight is stupid, to be honest with you.
  • nessie14 Newbie
    EDWARD IS HOT! ROBERT IS NOT! they seriously could have gotten a WAY hotter person to play Edward, and Bella always looks like she's high.
  • twilighter Newbie
    rob is kinda wierd but hot.....
  • twifreak Novice
    -Softball cat33 is so freakin nuts,seriously Twilight is sooo awesome.You probably just can't read it becuse your mom said you cant.

    -Nessie14 is toally agree edward is hot but robbert not so much but I dont think they could have got a better person.Either way Robs is a good actor and Kristen is not.
  • AppleBerry Newbie
    Twilight is stupid. It's stupid how people name themselves twifreak. It's a book. I swear to you To Kill a Mockingbird is better written. It's sad that in todays world you can just put vampire teeth on the front cover of a book and sell millions.
  • GTQ Guy Newbie
    Please, let's keep the flame wars to a minimum.
  • twifreak Novice
    appleberry you are so freakin wrong plus how to kill a mocking bird is so bleepin stupid,you parents probably just dont let u read twlight or you are to are the super duper dumb bleep bleep dumb bell.
  • nessie14 Newbie
    when i heard about twilight and how it was about vampires, i was a little skeptical, but then my friends kept saying how great of a book it was and that i should read it. it is definitely not just putting vampire teeth on the front cover. i havent read to kill a mocking bird, but i am sure it is good from what i've heard, and its a classic. twilight is written so you can easily connect to the main character and you are always waiting in anticipation. plus, its a romance! just a romance with action and suspense!
  • I can read twilight but seriously a girl falls in love with a vampire... I can write a book better that that. I agree with apple berry.
  • nessie14 Newbie
    its not the plot thats amazing, its how well it is written and how intriguing it is.
  • who cares?
  • AppleBerry Newbie
    "appleberry you are so freakin wrong plus how to kill a mocking bird is so bleepin stupid,you parents probably just dont let u read twlight or you are to are the super duper dumb bleep bleep dumb bell."

    Lol. To Kill A Mockingbird is a classic. If anyone's stupid I believe it would be you (seeing as how I believe that swearing, even if it is 'bleeped' out, is just a immature, vulgar part of speech that people who can't find the right words to say use.). Another matter, I am definitely not too lazy. I believe that's a terrible, horrible assumption. And I HAVE read Twilight. I probably read it before you did, but when it became sensationalized and I didn't think it was that amazing, I hated it. I hate it because there are people like you who are sensationalizing it; people who think that Twilight IS the next To Kill a Mockingbird, or Narnia or any of those classics. It's not.
  • twifreak Novice
    Oh god...first of all who does lol and then I got straight A's for 4 years and i am in fifth greade,they don't give grades in kindergarten just to let you know.Plus you probably didn't read Twilgith before me because I read it in less than one week.Narnia is not a classic,it what call dumber than you.
  • AppleBerry Newbie
    Do you want to bet that Narnia is a classic?

    http:// www. wannalearn. com/ Classic_Literature/

    Take out the spaces. Then press CTRL+F and type in Narnia

    LOL! You're in the FIFTH grade? Go back and finish your arithmetic, sweetie, you don't want to get points off for adding 2+2 wrong! :o
    I read it in '05. And fifth grade crap is easy, I'm going into my 10th grade year in Honor's English, Honor's Algebra II, AP World History, Spanish I, Biology (the only class I can say I'm NOT proud of) and Photography (You have to have a GPA of 3.6 to get in). That means that besides the Biology, I'm in all smart classes.
    Dang. And I read the first book in like three freaking days. Those books are easy reads with no diction or anything.

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