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  • Please Delete My Forum
    "Please delete my "Story Thread!" in the Literature section. I posted a story a while back and its BASED on a true story, not what actually h..."
  • Some other religions
    "God created us to give us life. He created us to love him. Wouldn't you be lonely being the most powerful, but you're all alone in the unive..."
  • Anime
    "Because they're the two things in this world that the nerds control. It's like the nerds have a new cult- in the same way, I have a right to..."
  • David Cook
    "Heck yess"
  • Twilight
    "Well your friend needs to get over it. I have a right to speak. And on Myspace surveys when it asks me "What acronym do you use most often",..."
  • UMMMM..
    "Literature owns man! :D Im like a god in the subject of English! Favorite Books: To Kill a Mockingbird 5 Peopl"
  • No Subject
    "I suck at Dance Dance REvolution lol"
  • Traveling
    "Yeah, i want to go to hawaii, it sounds really nice there. I might get to go there next summer."
  • No Subject
    "They did on ABC but it was cancelled b/c nobody watched it... no seriously im not actually trying to be rude. >.>"
  • Twilight
    "Because I have a right to voice my opinion and its just as much a twilight haters forum as it is you freaks. It's the internet, nixing passw..."
  • Where are you from?
    "Germany, Ireland and Austrailia"
  • Anime
    "Nice comeback. I'm so insulted. (sarcastically)"
  • No Subject
    "I like ones like the Sims (life simulation) and Runescape (Mideval battle)"
  • Twilight
    "Doubtful http:// yspacecdn. com/images02/89/l_44e59d10545d466c80223304c436e096. jpg I'm a friggi"
  • Twilight
    "Im pretty sure i could pummel an eleven year old."

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