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  • Most of these questions revolve around the idea that creative writing is made by following a certain formula for plot, description, dialogue and such. This is false. Every writer has his/her own style, and who are you to say that those styles are not "proper" creative writing, or that they can never make a career out of it? Also, what kind of horrible person discourages creativity in budding artists?! Do you even realize what you're doing?!!

  • I cannot believe that you would judge someone's creative writing potential in such a negative manner. Some of the questions take training to learn. You are discouraging those who want to pursue writing and may well develop excellent skills. All beginning writers fear rejection and that is exactly what you provided. Shame on you!

  • ...Sorry, but this was not at all accurate. In my opinion? There shouldn't be rules for creative writing. It's known as "creative" for a reason: it's meant for imagination, for the wondering minds. Adding rules and a "specified structure" limits the mind, something to be avoided when trying to write something worth reading. Just a thought.

  • I'm pretty sure the answer to that question was that all "Rules" can be broken if the time is right. I also specified that only story structure is rigid. Everything else is fluid.


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