Name Game Quiz-What should ur name be?

Lots of people say u look like a Megan, or a Hillary. This quiz bases u on ur personality. How u act with things, wat u like to do. This quiz is fun, and it is enjoyed by, well me and my friends. Try it, and see wat u think. U may get something u like. U may not.

R U bored?If u r, come take this quiz. Do u still have the little attention span u have to finish this quiz?Try, and see wat name yur parents should have named u. This quiz is only for a girl! Beware! There are some things that come at random, so be careful!

Created by: Cecelia

  1. How many siblings to do have?
  2. How many pets do u want/have?
  3. Fav color?
  4. So,r u awsomely awsome?
  5. Peanut butter jelly time?
  6. Time for dinner. Favorite thing to have?
  7. Ur a witch(good witch)/ghost/fairy. What power would u want 2 have?
  9. Best Singer?
  10. Best Movie made?
  11. Who's cuter?
  12. Favorite random object?
  13. Do u like this quiz?

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