Is the Opposite Sex attracted to You

EveryBody tries to get noticed, especially from the other sex. People who are good at that are the Elite of people. They are People who are just living their life without any complications. People who suck in this are the people who live in an ivory tower, Locking their lives completely away from others. Their life is so complicated and Hard. Or at least that's what they make it

So you think you are a blast off with Girls/Boys. Do You think that you can get anyone you love. Are you the Elite of People. Take This Quiz and find out. In my Point of View a good score is between 70% to 90% .lower than that you are so shy and enclosed. Above that, You are very hard and it may seem intimidating for some people to even talk to you

Created by: Amin
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which Word Best Describes You
  2. You see a beautiful Girl/Boy in your school's corridor. What do You do
  3. You enter a party , Your Entrance
  4. You love some one. Will You be able to make him/her love you
  5. How many Friends Do yOU HAVE
  6. Your Best Friend is
  7. Do You Enjoy Your Life
  8. What do you do on Weekends
  9. Why are You taking This Quiz
  10. An old man can't cross the street. What do You do

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