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Thread Topic: Twilight

  • Bambi Novice
    LoL the Fang-girls have descended...
  • Jtb1996 Novice
    lol wtf! aw what i miss this time
  • rachcab21 Newbie
    Girls wanting to get bit by "Edward." LOL!
  • Bambi Novice
    LoL! I don't see twifreak around anymore. I think we scared her off! >:) Mwahahaha! Our first step to take over GTQ! LoL
  • rachcab21 Novice

    We have already took over in the forums.
  • Bambi Novice
    Mwahahahaha! Now all we have to do is get rid of GTQ Guy but that should be easy since he's never on here... >:)
  • rachcab21 Novice
    LOL!! He banned this site. How sad. LOL!! Nah, not really. He needs to speak up though.
  • Carri04 Novice
    TEAM...uhh.....err......CONFUSION!!! YEAH THATS IT! TEAM CONFUSION! *thinks: ok thats it you need to lay off the wasabi it's messing up your head, heh thats true.....wait why am I talking to myself.....da da da dee doo da da.....oh wait i forgot yall can read my mind...FFUUCCKK!* Ok um maybe milk? YEAH! TEAM SOY MILK!!! *thinks: WHAT DID I SAY YOU FREAK? sheesh sorry*
  • Carri04 Novice
    *thinks:Dum de da da da da doo dee da!!*
  • timothy4444 Novice
    Twilight Sucks
  • rachcab21 Novice
    Yeah, I don't like it either. Screaming girls. *imitates screaming girls* Oh my god! Edward! Bite me! Oh my god! Taylor is sssooo hot!

    I HATE IT!
  • rachcab21 Novice
    LOL CARRIE! Crazy Carrie! LOL!
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    Bambi Novice
    Man, I've never seen twifreak since this...
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    Anastasia Novice
    Dude this is back from when the forums were a bit more quiet, all the newbs hadn't invaded yet (no offense to anyone)
  • Jade Black Novice
    kristen stewart does not have the ACTING abilities but the has the LOOKS to be Bella

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