Why did you choose your username?

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Thread Topic: Why did you choose your username?

  • I just like the way mine sounds. Also, look it up on wikipedia!
  • rebekahgilman Newbie
    Because I love Billy Gilman and want to marry him someday. Therefore my name would Mrs. (Billy) Rebekah Gilman!
  • My favorite # is 33, I like cats and Softball
  • AppleBerry Newbie
    I didn't intentionally name myself after it, but this is how it came to mind. I realized that this was how I came up with it months afterward:

    When I played NeoPets when I was like 9, there was this food called Appleberry. :)
  • twifreak Novice
    I love Twilight and there is this other book called cirque du freak.So I put them together and get Twifreak.
  • KatMan Newbie
    Hahaaaaa, because my name it Kat, and it's like Batman, except It's KatMan,

    I thought it was pretty coooool [h]

  • twifreak Novice
    I like it it sounds cooll
  • cause It's My Nickname XD
  • Bambi Novice
    Because it's my nickname. :)
  • shabby14 Newbie
    except for the 14 part it's my nickname
  • roby Newbie
    its my last name which is what everyone calls me
  • Bubblegum7 Newbie
    I chose it cuz i like bubblegum! And my lucky number is 7!
  • Carri04 Novice
    a year ago I played club penguin, Carri04 was the username, ever since then I used the exact same username for everything i joined because I liked the way it sounded, plus no one ever thought it up before so I was lucky :D
  • Carri04 Novice
    plus 4 is my lucky number and the day of my birth but i didn't put the month in because it would sound stupid
  • its an afi (the best band evr) song ... and 4 some reason i just put 6 after all my usernames ....

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