Broken Wings Part 9

His is the first time I didi the test with a iPad, so Im not sure if the final result will be. The same...well...please skip the next Paragraph because it will be useless

....................................................................................................................see, I told you it will be useless

Created by: iLuvMusic99

  1. You rolled over and groaned, your whole body was sore. you slowly put your feet on the floor, and gingerly took a small step. pain shot through your leg, but you managed to to take another one. and another. and another, slowly making your way to the bathroom for your morning ritual of washing, brushing, and flossing. (not nessicarily in that order) when you finally reached there, you noticed the mirror was cracked. strange, you thought. there was a flassh of red in the mirror, and you flinched. maybe it was imagination? you thought. you started you ritual, wondering about the strange things that happened.
  2. Satisfied With your ritual, you left the room to go to the dining room, on your way there, you could smell the food. Your stomach growled, and you shook your head, and some hair flopped over one of your eyes. You opened the door and walked into the room, smiling.
  3. A chorus of "hello"'s and "good morning"'s greeted you. Hikari walked up to you and brushed the hair out of your eye. He froze, and you looked at him questionlingly, "what's wrong?" you asked, "did my eye turn purple or something?" you looked around hikari to stare at the other guys, they stopped and stared. "not purple," Ian whispered, "red. Your eye is red" Stefen took a mirror to you, and you stared at your reflection. One eye was it's normal color. And the other was a dark scarlet red. Like HERs. You screamed, your voice peircing the silence
  4. A laugh bubbled u p in your mouth, but the laugh wasn't yours. It was HERs. She said one thing, and made you hit yourself in the head, and you blacked out. Possibly for eternity.
  5. "let the games begin" fang repeated what SHE said. "That's what she said." Hikari shook his head "she said something else. She whispered it." Stefen looked at them and said "try to win.if you don't,vyoull lose your princess forever," hikari stared at stefen, "escuse me?" fang looked at stefen, " that's what she said right?" stefen nodded, and horror showed in there faces as the truth dawned in them "if we dint win this game, shell never awaken again. Shell sleep forever." Theo whispered the words no one wanted to hear
  6. Stefen carried you to the basement, while Hikari was making sure every door and window was locked. Everyone else went to the attic to try and find some weapons. The yesterday's fight was only the beginning. The game begins now.
  7. Everyone went to the dining room to talk about the battle plan. Stefen grinned and held up his sword, for a fraction of a second, his eyes flashed silver, and the sword was surrounded in a purple flame. " me has magic." hikari just stared. "wait...magic?" fang nodded, " every knight has about 1-4 powers. But the powers feed off the princesss blood, so we can't use it that much. So far, all the powers I have is flying , ice,and fire." Theo frowned, "hey! Flying is one of my powers!" fang grinned, "too bad" theo pouted, then smiled again, "at least I have another power: being able to control nature." Ian grinNed, " as in flowers and pansies? Ooh, I'm terrified!" all of a sudden a tree branch started to choke Ian. "okay!I get it! Flowers and pansies are terrifying! Now let me go Theo!!!" Theo grinned, and made the tree let go of Ian. Ian ribbed his neck, "god, you people, I didn't even find one of my powers yet. At least I'm not alone, hikari's with me"
  8. The convo continued like this until the floor started to shake. A shrill laugh echoed around the house . it came from the basement. Where you were.
  9. Theo whispered the horrible truth "we'll have to fight HER." after he said that, SHE shot through the floor. But it wasn't you, it was her in her true form. "hee hee hee hee! I'm finally free!!!!!!!!!" the guys only had a second to feel relieved. Let the game begin.
  10. Haha, cliffhanger~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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