Are you boring like me?

Are you my new twin, bff, or a complete stranger? Take my quiz to see! Answer from a list that includes classic rock trivia, townsships, vactions, songs, bands, activities, friend amonunt, and relationship with your parents. Find out how much the two of us have in common!!

Once you take it, you will find out if you are my match as a bff, or a stranger to me and myself!! I'm sure that it can go either way: You will love it, or you will hat me for it. If you love things I love, you will be like me someday, or eventually "become" me in certain ways!1

Created by: Tavvy

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  1. Do you enjoy classic rock, and think that "Free Bird" and "Stairway to Heaven" are two of the greatest songs EVER? Do you even know them?
  2. Are you Paranoid of Germs, and carry around bottles of soap in your purse?
  3. Do you watch the Young and the Restless? If so, do you love Sharon Case?
  4. Do you know all freshwater fish types? Pacus? Plecos? GOLDFISH?
  5. Do you prefer Radio to iPod or MP3?
  6. Do you like Historic Bridges?
  7. Do you love Carbs?
  8. Are you Homeschooled
  9. Do you Picket
  10. Do you love your family
  11. Do you stay up until 1AM?
  12. Do you have a crush on an older area radio DJ?
  13. Is white the best colour?
  14. Are you single
  15. Is your dream job being a salesman in Peoria,IL?
  16. Do you HATE Kid's shows?
  17. Do you secretley want to have a New Jersian Accent?
  18. Do you watch the Sopranos?
  19. Do you know everyone in Buffalo Springfield?
  20. Do you play with younger kids? BABYSIT?
  21. Ithaca,NY is a cool place
  22. Have you been to Niagara falls? Both Sides??
  23. Are you an ocean, lake, or river person?
  24. You have issues with TimeShares?
  25. You know all of the above: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, and CSNY?
  26. You have Pierced Ears..
  27. You use English spellings
  28. Night Ranger?
  29. You have never had a computer virus.
  30. You love School.
  31. Your favorite star is Jennifer Aniston.
  32. Stairway to Heaven is your favorite song.
  33. Was my quiz sucky?
  34. Can you swear in Polish?
  35. You hate Public Schools.
  36. You love dorks.
  37. You believe is "Bassmasking".
  38. You passed iQ tests
  39. Are you sick of me?
  40. Do you like me?

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Quiz topic: Am I boring like me?