how boring are you?

there are many boring prople out there like me and i am trying to stop that by making this quiz so you can find out how boring you are and help yourself become less boring.

are you boring? are you fun ? lets find out by taking this test so figure it out if you dont already know if your boring .or just to make sure you are or aren't.

Created by: alex/gabby

  1. how often do you use the computer?
  2. do you often play online games on the internet such as runescape, maplestory, world of warcrafts
  3. how often do you watch tv?
  4. do you text very much?
  5. do you talk on the phone alot
  6. are your friends...
  7. what are your hobbies?
  8. do you often space out and start staring at stuff
  9. what would you prefer to do?
  10. do you eat when your...
  11. so you consider yourself boring?

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Quiz topic: How boring am I?