how boring are you

this is a quiz to see how boring you are, this quiz might help put your life into perspective on how an why bodom affects you.bordom will effect us all its just to what degree?.

Are you bored?,do you get bored?.does bordom happen alot?,tring to figure out ways to battle this plague,well i cant help you with that but i can tell you how boring you are.

Created by: toby

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. on friday night were can you be found
  2. you do you do for work
  3. what your fav color (sorry i had to i needed filler)
  4. how do you dress
  5. whats you drink
  6. were do you like to go for fun
  7. what do you do for fun
  8. if you own a animal or could own one what would it be
  9. last one,why are you taking this test
  10. okay i lied how does this make you feel

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Quiz topic: How boring am I