how boring are you?

there are many boring people, but few are truly boring. some people are shy. others are not. some are dumb. others are smart. some are busy. others have little to do. do any of these things really make someone boring?

what about you? are you boring? do others tend to ignore you or are you the life of the party? and, in the end, which is most boring? let's find out... how boring are you?

Created by: chip

  1. how many naps do you take per week?
  2. how often do you go out?
  3. outside of work, how many people have you talked to in the last three days?
  4. how easily can you make someone else laugh?
  5. i am bored...
  6. i would rather...
  7. the last time a book collided with your head...
  8. other people see me as...
  9. i think i am _____ boring.
  10. i prefer...
  11. do other people like me?
  12. are you lonely?
  13. are you disappointed with your lot in life?
  14. are you depressed?
  15. how often do you daydream?
  16. do you make yourself laugh?
  17. i find this quiz boring
  18. i am...

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Quiz topic: How boring am I?