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Hi. I'm stuck at home. I'm sick with a freaking cold and exteremely bored. Come here to listen to me talk... mostly about smosh. Surprise, surprise. :P

I really have nothing to say here. Ew. I feel icky. I just wish I could leave my body for a bit and not be sick. >.> Also, god knows what I'm missing at school.

Created by: Firey_Soul

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  1. Hello everyone!
  2. Soooo...today, I'm sick, lonely, and bored out of my freakin' mind. I needed to do some form of writing, otherwise I would die. I should be studying for finals right now... but I'm not. :)
  3. I thought about starting a series, but I still can't make up my mind on which one I want to do. Honestly, I'm leaning twords the horror story. I'm really mad at myself because the main guy in the series' name is Chris. There's no better name for him but I already used the name Chris in Paranormal Love, so now I have to change it to something else. *mentally slaps self* Dammit, Allissa. -.-
  4. Only 4 more days of school left. Hopfully I can survive that...
  5. Have you seen the newest smosh video? It's pretty funny as always... unfortunately I'm having a blonde moment and I hardly remember what happened. The only scene that seems to stick out in my mind is when Ian's mom ate Anthony's banana. xD
  6. *sings* Walkin' down the street and everybody's staring, just jealous of what I'm wearing, that's right, it's a fanny back, b----es. Hot pink, it matches my bridges. You're thinking 'that guy's insane!' and 'what's his name? What's wrong with his brain?' I'm perfectly sane, just hear what I say, everything I need is just one zip away. My fanny pack my fanny pack is all I need, it's on my waist while I shower and while I pee. It holds my hairspray so I look good every day. It holds me tight and keeps the boogie man away. You can't mess with my fanny pack, I'm a maniac, it's a fact you better watch your back. Packs more than a backpack. One time I looked inside and I found an Imac. Only tough guys wear fanny packs, Hulk Hogan, Chuck Norris, and this guy. Dis me and you better watch your back, I'll smack you with my 20 pound fanny pack!
  7. So, what do you think of Ian's bowl haircut?
  8. Is it just me, or is it really cold in here?
  9. What food do you think Anthony should have in food battle 2012?
  10. Was this quiz a waste of time?
  11. Arrrggggghhhhh!!!!!! I got the stupid 'hot problems' song stuck in my head!!!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!! Dx

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