which twilight character could you hang with?

there are many people wanting to know who Cullen or Black they can hang out with so this quiz will tell you take it and find out.=D =D =D =D =D =D =D

which one do you want to hang out with?alice,emmet,jacob,edward,carlisle,esme,rosalie,or jasper.***************************************************************************************************************

Created by: kitten

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  1. do you dress fashionably and like to shop?
  2. are you clumsy and shy?
  3. do you like to laugh and smile?
  4. do you like romance?
  5. do you like to cook?
  6. can you defend yourself very well?( very important question for result)
  7. do you like history at all?
  8. do you like classical music?
  9. do you care only about beauty?
  10. who is hotter?

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