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  • Reminds me of the first time I played dress up with my sister and our neighbor Jillian. It started at age eight with princess costumes and I knew I wanted to be like them. So I began acting like them and they would always ask me how I was feeling and include me in all the girly stuff they did.

  • I would love to wake up as woman,than all my prayer's and hope came true. I would replace my male clothes and replace them Sexy Outfits ,Thigh High Stiletto Heel Boots. The perfume and make up...and of course the sexy Lingerie. Then land an understanding man.

  • Going to sleep and wake up as a girl he will be one of the most desirable doings when I live or somebodyNo only thing is its only a dream but up on us it will be a day late fantasy

    Carina slug
    • When I was 10, the two girls in my circle of friends, had me where a full slip. With a wide lace hem, and by the bodice. They were grabbing my c--- through the slip. It felt incredibly great ! From that moment on, I knew I loved wearing women's clothes, specifically silky, lacy, slips !!

  • Once I got what I wanted I will not change back and then I would go shopping for bras panties dresses and high heels and. I can't forge nylons and a wig

    • I would not change back either. I would spend my first hour looking in the mirror at my female body. I would put on a casual dress and go shopping for dresses and skirts. I would want to wear them all the time. Also would have to buy some pads so I would be ready for my period.

    • I woke up most times feeling like this so I changed my life now I live my life fully like this im in heaven every day

      Julie yates
  • Great quiz. I have had many dreams over the years about waking up a woman. I love my female side. Probably why I love to cross dress.

    Love, Irene

    • I always want to wake up as a girl , my Dream to live as one

  • If only it could happen

  • I love daydreaming like this and hope this comes true

  • Love Love love being a grl forever stephcurl

  • Good quiz but plz improve ur English.


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