English Technology Integration Quiz

Test your knowledge of Terms, Definitions, and Issues and Problems related to the integration of technology in the subjects of English and Language arts.

This quiz is geared towards students in the educational field and covers information on integrating technology into the subjects of English and Language Arts.

Created by: Brandon Harrison
  1. What refers to the skills, strategies, and insights needed to successfully exploit the rapidly changing information and communication technologies that emerge in our world?
  2. What is the QWERTY keyboard used for computer input named after?
  3. Which of the following is a versatile software package that can aid in vocabulary acquisition?
  4. As it applies to educational skills, Decoding is:
  5. What is commonly incorporated into word processing programs and automatically generate headings and subheadings from typed information?
  6. Which of the following is not true of concept mapping software?
  7. True or False : The definition of Literacy has changed dramatically in the US over the course of it's history.
  8. True or False : It is an issue in education today to teach students "new literacy" due to a variety of factors.
  9. True or False? There is a direct correlation between the emergence of new literacies and the need for new instructional practices.
  10. True or False? Many educators feel that 'media literacy' is not as important as 'print literacy'.

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