Which type of assistive technology best suits you?

This quiz is meant to suggest which types of assistive technology may be useful for a student who is blind based on his or her preferences as well as lifestyle!

Which Assistive Technology best suits you? Would you prefer low technology, medium technology, or high technology solutions? Are you attached to your computer? Are you a creature of habit?

Created by: Arielle
  1. Do you use a lot of portable technology, like iPods?
  2. Do you prefer using a white cane, guide dog, or none?
  3. What can you be found doing in free time?
  4. What are your academic interests?
  5. What is the biggest challenge for you?
  6. Do you consider yourself tech savvy?
  7. How quickly do you adapt to new technology?
  8. Do you prefer Braille or Audio sources?
  9. Which was the most useful to you in high school?
  10. How independent are you?

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Quiz topic: Which type of assistive technology best suits me?