The connected academic

In a connected, web 2.0 world there is a new type of academic emerging - the connected academic who shares content, links to others and engages with new technology.

It's a scary and exciting new world out there - are you a connected academic? Take this quiz and find out. Warning: there may be a touch of bias in the questions.

Created by: Martin Weller of Ed Techie
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  1. Do you blog?
  2. Do you share all your presentations via Slideshare?
  3. Have you got a Facebook account?
  4. Michael Gorman says "A professor who encourages the use of Wikipedia is the intellectual equivalent of a dietician who recommends a steady diet of Big Macs with everything"
  5. An academic should create all of their course content
  6. You keep your references in a social bookmarking site
  7. You know who Stephen Downes is
  8. You have experimented with Yahoo pipes
  9. You regularly use YouTube or Flickr for presentations
  10. When you create some good content, your first idea is 'how much can I get for this?'
  11. You think open APIs are the only way to go
  12. You can't remember what you did before Google Maps.
  13. You regularly check your Technorati rating
  14. When you need to find something out you check blogs/wikis first.
  15. You have meetings or chats regularly via Skype or some such tool
  16. You listen to LastFM (or Pandora) more than you do traditional radio.
  17. There is at least one podcast by you out there.
  18. You subscribe to RSS feeds

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