How Much Academic Decathlon History Do You Know?

There are many an excellent Academic Decathlete, but fewer who have a keen sense of historical knowledge. Those who know both have been known to have greater confidence, and as a whole, attain greater glory on the scale of ten thousand.

Do YOU have the knowledge? In just 12 questions, we'll know. Keep in mind that none of these questions are exceptionally obscure. Challenging, yes. Impossible to find, no. All answers can be found somewhere on the internet. Best of luck to you, and may the Alpacas not spit on your test.

Created by: KEJackson2003
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  1. Who holds the highest score in Academic Decathlon History? (as of 5/29/07)
  2. Which two subjects were previously combined and were called the Fine Arts?
  3. Which year did the SuperQuiz start to replace the subject it was based on?
  4. Which Subject was used only once for SuperQuiz?
  5. What County did the Academic Decathlon start in?
  6. Who was the first school to win a United States Academic Decathlon Title?
  7. Which one of these coaches won Nationals first?
  8. Which State has never hosted a Nationals before? (as of 2007)
  9. What competitive year did DemiDec launch?
  10. The 2008 Nationals will celebrate how many years of existence for the Academic Decathlon?

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Quiz topic: How Much Academic Decathlon History do I Know?