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You may have felt, once in your life, that you shouldn't be here. Like perhaps you're something other than human. Well your not. So get over it. But you can still take this quiz anyway.

Are you taking it? Awesome. It's not very often that you get someone to take a quiz after a put down like that. I admire that. Not really, but hey what do you want from me. I'm just a kid.

Created by: Nacile
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  1. You see a man/woman in a room that you find attractive. You
  2. When they get up and leave, you notice that they left a messenger bag on their seat. You...
  3. The person from the night before confronts you the very next day. He asks you for your name. You say
  4. You are now on your way to a new city. But on the path a group of bandits corners you. You...
  5. Well you survived that expireience and now you have to find a safe place in the forest to stay for the night. What do you choose?
  6. It's morning. What is the first thing you do.
  7. You reach a new town. A woman comes to you crying. You...
  8. She says that her child is missing and the child is only 3 years old. You...
  9. You see a man in the street. He's sick and poor and might not live through this cold snowy night. You...
  10. When you slept that night, what did you dream of?

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