What Type Of Dress Would Suit You Best?

There are many pretty dresses around the world, but which one are you. You could suit any kind but you won't know which type until you take this test. As soon as you get your results you can hit the shops and buy that sort of dress you will look fab, sometimes how the dress suits you isn't jsut how it looks on you its also about what it shows about your personality and who you really are.

Do YOU want to find out what dress you should wear then take this test its simple just clcik on your answer then once you've answered all of the questions you will be able to see the type of dress right for you. P. S this test is for girls?

Created by: Rebekky PP
  1. A Very Insulting meanie Bully Guy Comes Up To You.
  2. You are walking on the pavement and you see your best friend further on.
  3. You have just found out that in your maths test you got 78/100 ( classed as a C+ or a B- ) and an C+ in your english (80/100)
  4. What is 22756897+698752134?
  5. How many hours is 695 mins?
  6. Choose a colour scheme.
  7. Choose different colour word for green other than green itself.
  8. Choose a different colour word for blue other than blue itself.
  9. Name a girls and a boys name.
  10. Which activity

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