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  • What salon job could you get ?
    [published: Oct 26, 2009]

    So you want to know what job you could get in a salon then take this test. YOu could be a make up…

  • What Type Of Dress Would Suit You Best?
    [published: Oct 25, 2009]

    There are many pretty dresses around the world, but which one are you. You could suit any…

  • What Dahl character are you?
    [published: Oct 8, 2009]

    This is a quiz to test which Roald Dahl Character you are, whether you're good or bad, normal or…

  • What Colour Are You?
    [published: Sep 19, 2009]

    There are many different colours, but few true colours. A colour is, afterall, a very common thing in life.…

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