What salon job could you get ?

So you want to know what job you could get in a salon then take this test. YOu could be a make up artist, a hairdresser, a massager, a facail person or a nail and manicue and pedicure person.

Are you going to work in a salon but dont know which job to do then this will help you. If your not going to eork in a salon then its fine because you could just do this quiz for fun!!! Or if youy havnt got a job yet you could take this to give you ideas about what you want to do.

Created by: Rebekky PP

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  1. Choose an object ???
  2. Choose a word ???
  3. Choose a girls name ???
  4. Choose a boys name ???
  5. Choose a pet name ???
  6. Choose a flower ???
  7. Choose a colour ???
  8. Choose a car ???
  9. Choose a era ???
  10. Did you like this quiz ???

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