How to i get a guy to like me ???

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Thread Topic: How to i get a guy to like me ???

  • Rebekky PP Newbie
    im fairly pretty i have golden brown hair, slim figure ( no anerexic), funny, kind and sexy but this guy is my best friend and he said he just wants to be friends but i love himm so so so much i asked him out and he said no should i strike again or leave it

    needs guys or girls perspective.

    p.s i once kissed him ( like propper snog) but he said " ummm that was awkward) and im scared that if i tell him i love him he will break friends with me.

    can i risk that or not TELL ME AHHHHHHHHHH
  • Bambi Novice
    There are some rules you should never break. Like don't date your friends. It's just awkward and it never works out. I don't think he wants a relationship right now so I'd just leave him alone. Let him make the first move when he realises what he wants.
  • Rebekky PP Newbie
    wow u really know boys thnx but im going to think it through and look at other comments before i make desicions but u really helped thnx (star) (thumbsup)
  • rachcab21 Newbie
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  • Mentor804 Newbie
    As a guy who has been on the receiving and giving end of this kind of affection, I can tell you with absolute certainty that no good comes from trying to force a relationship to happen. Not to mention when you do get into a relationship with a guy you like, you can feel comfortable talking to him about your relationship problems. Stay friends. It's less drama and has its advantages.
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