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  • What Type Of Dress Would Suit You Best?
    Your Result: A One Shoulder Long Straight Cocktail Dress

    Youre straight about everything you do not change your mind,nothing can stop you. Almost everyday you are smiling our feeling refreshed, sometimes you look on the downside of your life, But who doesnt!!!
    SoOoOoO accurate :)

    Elory Chihuahua Oct 17 '15, 2:38PM
  • the one shoulder thing. sounds nice.

    Silvereight Jun 29 '12, 5:42PM
  • Actually i do writ some fun stories in my sparish non fun time. But not famous im not like an adult adult but im teenageryish kinda old but not too old so i cant be famous yet but i hope to be an actress so thats creative too.

    Rebekky PP Oct 27 '09, 2:54PM
  • thats alright thankyou what were you then

    Rebekky PP Oct 25 '09, 3:12PM
  • it's written well, not like ones with loads of typos and no thought. so i think its good. i would rate it eight out of ten but my computer is screwed up and i can't, sorry.

    Googlygirl Oct 25 '09, 12:28PM
  • hey guysn this is my quiz hope u like it, btw your result is the dress you should get , the paragraph explaining your result is not the type of dress you should get so dont buy a dress with the writing of your result papragraph on. Say i got floaty sundress i would but that not buy a paragraph. GET IT PEEPS

    Rebekky PP Oct 25 '09, 10:46AM

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