What kind of chocolate are you?

There are many people that love chocolate and there are people who just do not like chocolate. What is chocolate? Chocolate is this creamy brown (Sometimes white!) stuff that is REALLY delicious.I am a chocolate lover and so are you! I think.........

What kind of chocolate are YOU? Are Dark or Milk. Or maybe even WHITE! You can find out by answering these 12 questions below. Are you ready? Ok, If you think you are, go on and take the quiz! :)

Created by: Natalie

  1. Who are you in your group?
  2. What flavor/type of food/candy do you like best?
  3. Who is the cutest boy out of these?
  4. Do you have more Girl-Friends or Boy-Friends?
  5. What is your favorite scent?
  6. What is your favorite chocolate?
  7. What do you want for a pet?
  8. What is your favorite Fast-Food place?
  9. What is your favorite store?
  10. What is your favorite website?

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Quiz topic: What kind of chocolate am I?