My friend needs a boyfriend!!!

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Thread Topic: My friend needs a boyfriend!!!

  • Bambi Novice
    *Imagines Tj as a stalker dressed in a ninja outfit* He could well be! LoL
  • teejay hira Novice
    I saw rachy's house b4.What is ur email Rebbeky?
  • Rebekky PP Novice
    lk y u keep askin me this btw u a boy rihgt, kwl yeah i commented on that do girls like me thing u sent out and i sed ud be perfetc
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    rachcab21 Novice
    Yep! Tj's a stalker! LOL! Jk.
  • hi yall Newbie
  • Flow Novice
    You should talk to her and find out who she likes then look for the signs of the relationship
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    Carri04 Senior
    gawd this is old lol

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