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  • "I just read it, I already know who I love but he left for Buffalo, New York. :/"
  • "That's nice for you, name. Some people aren't that lucky"
  • Kissing
    "Just relax and enjoy their company, let them pick the moment, it will come naturally to you then."
  • "Well my bf just broke up with me, my best friend's bf just broke up with her because his mom threatened her and now my other friend's bf lik..."
  • Should I hurt him?
    "My friend and her bf broke up he was the one doing the dumping. Well now she commited suicide because of him so what do I do?"
  • Does he like me?
    "Sometimes guys are like puzzles, piece together the signs, if he is kind to you that is a plus, if he is rude that is a minus. Also complime..."
  • I need help deciding!
    "Thanks, I am so not sure who the mystery guy is though!"
  • I need help deciding!
    "Can you just tell me which one?"
  • I need help deciding!
    "1. A guy that I have hurt once and he hurt me twice, emotionally. 2. A guy that I have been with before and broke up with him because"
  • "Yeah, your right. I just told her."
  • "I know it's just when we're together he makes me feel like I belong. He is my best guy friend and she is one of my best girl friends so it's..."
  • "I see where you guys are coming from it's just that he's already dated her and she told him she loved him and he said that he isn't sure if ..."
  • "I'm in love with my best friend's boyfriend and he is a player. How can I get him away from her with out hurting her? She means the world to..."
  • I need an idea!
    "My boyfriend's birthday is in a week and I can't figure out what to give him, I was thinking a skateboard but when I talked to his mom she s..."
  • "Thank you emma, I love that song and I couldn't remember it thanx!"

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