I need help deciding!

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Thread Topic: I need help deciding!

  • Flow Novice
    1. A guy that I have hurt once and he hurt me twice, emotionally.
    2. A guy that I have been with before and broke up with him because he was rude to my friends.
    3. A mystery guy? Should I try to find out who he is?

    Well I'm not sure how this will work but please tell me your HONEST opinion, there is no judgement on opinions@
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    I don't think that you should go with any of them.
  • Flow Novice
    Can you just tell me which one?
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    Phoenix Night Novice
    try the new guy . New always opens doors
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    Nikki_Knox Experienced
    None of them, in my opinion.

    But, out of the three? 3rd guy. Mostly because history tends to repeat itself, if you know what I mean.

  • tongue Advanced
    Mystery guy. Never repeat past mistakes.
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    gfh012 Experienced
    need moer info on the personalities. . . maybe explain to #2 that he was mean. . . it worked for me!
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    Appayipyip42 Experienced
    The mystery person, maybe he won't be as big a dickbag as the others.
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    popbomb9 Novice
    Maybe if you try emailing me more details I can help you decide. @gmail.com (add popbomb9 before the @)
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    Appayipyip42 Experienced
    Desperate for emails much?
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    I know right.
  • Flow Novice
    Thanks, I am so not sure who the mystery guy is though!
  • Dolphin13 Novice
    I'm not sure this will help but i just made a quiz where you have to decide between three guys here's the link [no urls]

    but if you want my opinion I'd go w/ #3 because #1 has hurt you & #2 is rude to your friends. You shouldn't have to deal with that kind of drama.
  • mystery guy!!!!!

    Cuz that's what I went with, in a similar situation...

    Well kinda similar...

    Actually it was between:

    1. a guy who kinda went out with me, but idk, then moved away... and then later told me he was high the whole time we were sorta together... 3 months?? Duuude no one can be high that long...

    2. my best guy friend who's 5 yrs older than me and has a bf

    3. a guy I met and hung out with, but lives a long ways away...

    And I chose #3

    And BOY am I GLAD!!!!

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