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  • Link quiz to my account
    "@04 - No! I just had to go really quick... I'll answer later, I'm busy right now"
  • Link quiz to my account
    "I remember!! But how do u link it?"
  • Link quiz to my account
    "That's suuper annoyingggg!!!!"
  • Link quiz to my account
    "I created a quiz before I had an account.. Then I created an account. Is there any way I can link my quiz to my account?"
  • "I gtg to bed, ttyl"
  • "@04 - It's not there. It's not. Good luck finding it :)... May I be so bold as to say it's vice versa?? Petty crushes are whe"
  • "@Moyoshi - yes, love everyone. Hate the sin, love the sinner... Yes, they are damned to hell, IF they know it's wrong and never make an effo..."
  • I'm new!!
    "@Kish - It takes all kinds to make up the world... NVM you'd have to know the saying"
  • "@04 - not to be rude, but do you ever read the Bible?? The bible ALSO says you should kill your family, friends, everyone thats ..."
  • "Music does that to me... When I'm in that mood, I write great music :D... I was in a suuuper quiet mood all day... I was creeping out my sis..."
  • I'm new!!
    "@Kish - ish ok, takes all kinds ;) ;) jm @Kiki - GOTCHA. :P"
  • I'm new!!
    "@Kish - true that"
  • "@Moyashi - Umm, not really possible. My mom's infertile, and I was like a MIRACLE...."
  • I'm new!!
    "@Lil - Marita?? It's not a bad name!! It's pretty :).. @Kish - fail. @Kiki - Ok, this sounds dumb, but wth doe"
  • "Ok, I knew people would take me wrong. I'll try to explain... I think it's wrong because it's unnatural. It causes diseases, "

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