I need an idea!

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Thread Topic: I need an idea!

  • Flow Novice
    My boyfriend's birthday is in a week and I can't figure out what to give him, I was thinking a skateboard but when I talked to his mom she said that he is scared of skateboards now so then I thought about us having our first kiss on his birthday but I don't know if that is good! PLEASE HELP!
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    musicgirl Experienced
    Hah. I hate guys birthdays. Everytime I ask a guy what to get another guy, their only reply is "food". Maybe his favorite food or something?

    What I usually do if I can't figure out what to get is a band T-shirt. Like, his favorite band? That's usually pretty easy. And if you have lots of inside jokes, that's always fun to do. =)

    If you guys are the romantic type, you could find a picture of the two of you and design a picture frame. Oh yeah, and a kiss would definitely be good with that. ;)
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    LuluM Novice
    a kiss is sooo cute!! Do you know what you should do? Give him a normal present, like a Jacket, a T-shirt or something.... and than get really close to him and say like: "I have another thing to give to you..." he will be like "What?" and than you kiss him.... It would be so romantic!!!! And I bet he would never forget!!! S2
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    get him a can of lemonade like jade on victorious lol.

    No, no, don't do that obviously. Save the kissing thing until his birthday, although that may be hard...but ya, just plan the perfect first kiss. Girls love that stuff, so I'm sure the guys will like it just as much. I ain't no expert though.
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    LuluM Novice
    @xendocheionology, hahahahahahaha where did you get the idea of a can of lemonade like jade on a victorious?? That is so crazy!!! hahahaha
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    Sisi Experienced
    Hmmm...I have no experience with boys, but if you want it be funny, get him a pink shirt. That's what my friend did. Like you know those bright pink ones at Hollister? Romantic: A kiss would be perfect! I think it would be sweet and cute, but would require some planning...xD Sweet: A picture of you two!

    So ya, those are my ideas :/
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    I watched that episode last night that part just made me laugh it was kind of funny.

    Beck: She got me a can of lemonade.
    Jade: Well he likes lemonade!
    Tori: I know but a CAN?
    Jade: Well he drank it!
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    harpusrox7 Junior
    i know nothing about guys and their birthdays (well, teanage guys or whatever) but i think a kiss would be sweet and cute like everyone else said.
  • Yeah I like the kiss idea. How cute is that?!

    And who drinks lemonade from a can? A CAN!
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    Phoenix Night Novice
    look around his room does he have any posters of bands or of stuff he likes in there. that might give you an idea

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