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  • Is Anybody on!
    "**me leaving the conversation because was ignored**"
  • Is Anybody on!
    "Hey!!!!!! **me entering in the conversation**"
  • "I am 15... And I really don't care about looks... The 2 guys I have dated were not considered handsome by the others girls.... But th"
  • "I think I have never fallen in love... I don't know I guess it makes me a little sad, but there has never been a guy that makes my heart spe..."
  • Yes, I need advice.
    "Guys make no sense lol Just kidding, maybe he still has feelings for you but just doesn't know how to deal with that... Give "
  • I am bored
    ":D sooo, what do you feel like talking about?? :D"
  • I am bored
  • I am bored
    "heeeeeey :D thanks for awnsering :D I was feeling a little igonered back here :D Btw, I am braziliam, so I am probably makin"
  • I am bored
    "Heeey :D"
  • Need help!!!
    "I agree with the previous answers... He seeams to be confused... Abou the girl, if it will make you feel better, just ask him wheter he like..."
  • "I agree with you guy, tooo!! :D"
  • heylo everyone
    "ooh, go to go, its passing gilmore girls on t.v and I don't want to miss it.... Bye!!"
  • heylo everyone
    "I know, but I am just to lazy to do it :D hahaha Really?? You don't think it is good??"
  • heylo everyone
    "ooh... I wanted to watch teen wolf, it sounds cool, but I never catch it on time!! :S"
  • heylo everyone
    "Hey @Viktor!! @Teresa22, hahahah it sure sounds like me :D"

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