How adorable are you???

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lost of people are really nice... but only a few can call themselfs adorables... are you one off those people??? Take this quis and find out!!! you won't reagreat it!!!

hey... sorry for any spelling errors... i am a brazilian student, you know?? And i tried to use some expressions and abreviations... But sorry again if there are any spelling errors... really, my bad... anyway, shall we start??

Created by: LuluM

  1. Hi
  2. My bad... i ment how istead of who on that last question... Anyway, what is your favorite color?
  3. hmmm thats is interesting... and what are you doing right now?
  4. skdbvcjehrbfehjrwfvb sjhfvberjhtgbvsfdjhv rjhgebjhrfv srjghbe
  5. never mind... do you like animals??
  6. hmmm... if you were going to a party, what would you wear?? (girls only)
  7. same question, but boys now:
  8. okay... party was really cool!!! Waht have you done there??
  9. what is your favorite movie??
  10. Tanks guys.... that was our lat question... But before it ends, i must aks you to read the first and the seond paragraphy, if you haven't read it before... anyway, please coment... by and i hope you are pleased with the results...

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Quiz topic: How adorable am I???