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  • Love Story how I wish i met a prince and married him i love loe story song princesses anything love related (not dissing it)i love but alas i messes us up to actually belivie in it because it wouldnt rly happen but if it could how i would rejoice, love is real rarely like that in fariytales that is my warning to you all

    Don't settle for someone you can live with. Wait for someone you can't live without.~ i have no idea


  • Hey, I am the creator of this quiz...thanks for the comments guys!! You were correct; there were some spelling errors that I've later realized... I am glad you guys enjoyed... Again, sorry for the mistakes, I am a Brazilian student and actually the reason I've created this quiz was to practice...On my next quiz I shall pay more attention... :D

  • Fairy godmother story : )lovely quiz, dear! Only improvement (not to be rude) that I could find were a few spelling errors but other than that I loved it! And I especcialy loved Question #3 and the last option XD very funny and so true! Also the question where you told the person get off your quiz for killing a fairy. That would've been wrong! THE FAY EXIST! < ^.^ >

  • Aww I got Love story. I love that song x] Really good quiz, but sometimes I got lost in what you wrote, because it didn't quite make sense, but still good :]

    Loony Luna
  • Love story

  • Aw love story! Cute! Really nice quiz I loved it!

  • I got warrior story. awsome just how i like it. why can't we live in a world where men acept women as equals and we can be as strong as they are.

  • yay i got love story


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