Dose any1 else hav this prob?

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Thread Topic: Dose any1 else hav this prob?

  • LEXIE Newbie
    so...i hav had a crush on my bffs brother 4eva...and he was my bros bff and it was fine but when it really got acward was when my dad started 2 date his mom...than he told me he liked me but i think it would be acward 2 date him...wat do u think.
  • FLgirl92 Newbie
    If you like him, go for it. That simple.
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    alyk4321 Novice
    I agree with FLgirl.
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    harpusrox7 Advanced
    yeah me too
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    LuluM Novice
    I agree with you guy, tooo!! :D

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