What Is Your Colour??? (100% Accurate)

Personality is a glitter that sends your little gleam accross the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is . .

every colour has its own personality.. what colour personality could be yours??? maybe black,mysterious and hidden.. or maybe green,confidence booster? find outtt :))

Created by: DivaMarshall
  1. you found out that your one of your neighbour's family died yesterday, how do you react after you found out?
  2. One day you and your bestfriend had a big fight and it's their fault, how do you handle this situation?
  3. you find a wallet that is full of money $$ . what you do?
  4. GOLD POT $$ at your backyard, what did you do wt it?
  5. Your crush doesnt like you back, and your bestfriend got her/him first. How do you react?
  6. Fav Colour??
  7. Fav Food???
  8. whats your smileyy???
  9. Fav Music?
  10. arent u tired reading? im tired typing :DD ... lets see ur results !

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Quiz topic: What Is my Colour??? (100% Accurate)