many people can just walk up to a quiz and get 100% without even knowing the topic. not with this quiz. Make sure you read ALL the books before you try taking this quiz.

Are you a Percy Jackson and The Olympians genius? Find out with this twisting quiz! You will be surprised on the outcome. I'm 99% sure of it. Are you up for the challenge

Created by: Lily
  1. who guided Percy and Annabeth in the Labyrinth?
  2. What does Rachel Elizabeth Dare's Dad do for a living?
  3. What is Daedalus's Hellhound named?
  4. What is Percy's favorite Pegasus' name?
  5. What is Nico and Bianca's last name
  6. Who got kidnapped in The Titan's curse?
  7. Percy's teacher, Mrs.Dodds was one of the Fates
  8. Where is Percy's favorite place to go to on vacation?
  9. Thailia enjoys high places
  10. what does percy jackson use to clean the stables at the Triple G Ranch?

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