How well do you know Percy Jackson?

Take the Percy Jackson Quiz to see how well you know Perseus Jackson!!! It helps your memory after you have read the books. Rick Riordan keep on writing!

Are YOU a master about Percy? If you are take the Percy Jackson test to see how well you know Percy Jackson. Answers are easy to get if read the whole series!

Created by: SL4ever
  1. (This is easy) Percy's favorite color is:
  2. Percy called Gabe Uglianio:
  3. How did Percy explained how Annabeth looked like?(No Cheating!)
  4. In book 5 Poseidon was fighting what sea titan?
  5. Which book when you start to notice Percy liked Annabeth?
  6. In book 5 Percy got the curse of ________ in the River Styx.
  7. In The Last Olympian 1st chapter Rachel asked Percy for the past 3 days about what?
  8. In book 3 Percy tagged along a quest with who? (Choose one of the 4)
  9. Percy has what color hair?
  10. Percy's best friend is________.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Percy Jackson?