Tewst your knowledge of the Percy Jackson series.

Test your knowledge of the Percy Jackson books.Who is the first monster that Percy fights,who is Percy's math teacher?Why am I asking when your supposed to be answering?You'll have to answer these questions in this quiz.

Do you have what it takes to conquer the quiz?Find out in just a few short minutes!Remember all that you learned about the Percy Jackson books are you journey the quiz.The quizzer approaches ready to answer.

Created by: Neo
  1. Who is Percy's math teacher?
  2. What is the monster Percy fights on Half-Blood Hill?
  3. Who is Percy's godly parent?
  4. In The Sea Of Monsters, what did Percy have to find to heal Thalia's tree?
  5. How did Percy get into the Cyclops's lair?
  6. Who won the first Charoit race?
  7. Who kissed Percy at the end of The Sea Of monsters?
  8. Who was revived in the Labrinith?
  9. Who landed on Percy's car in The Last Olympian?
  10. Who did Percy share a scene with at the diner table?

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Quiz topic: Tewst my knowledge of the Percy Jackson series.