How Well Do you Percy Jackson Books

This quiz will help you to know if read enough Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. You should read the boos if you want to pass the test. Little heds up read.

Do you know anything about greek mythology your propably thinking what greek mytho- I can't even say that. Well than take this quiz to know a good book series to help you know what that is.

Created by: Seeablue
  1. Why is Mr.D at Camp Half-Blood?
  2. What was Chiron
  3. Who was it that Percy met on Ogygia?
  4. when did Percy figure out he was a half-blood?
  5. Who did Rachel become at the end?
  6. What was Percy's pegusus named?
  7. Who is Tyson?
  8. Who turns evil?
  9. What was Zoe before she was a hunter?
  10. What color were Annabeth's eyes?
  11. Why was Annabeth's hair blond?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Percy Jackson Books