The Best Percy Jackson Quiz EVA!

A lot of people have read the Percy Jackson series, but few are true fans. The only way to be a true fan is to actually read all of the books multiple times.

See if you stand up to this quota! Are you the ultimate fan like me? To find out, take this simple thirty question quiz to find out! Have fun and see how well you do!

Created by: Percabeth
  1. These first few questions are about the characters. What is Percy's mom's name?
  2. Who is Percy's dad?
  3. Who is Percy's best friend?
  4. What mortal girl helps Percy throughout his adventures?
  5. What god or goddess constantly messess with Percy's love life?
  6. The next 5 questions are from the Lightning Theif (the book, not the movie). What does Percy send to Mount Olympus that later gets rid of Gabe?
  7. In the beginning, what bully gets "pushed" into the museum fountain?
  8. What does Percy compare Annabeth to when she confronts Cerberus?
  9. What is Riptide's full name?
  10. Who had made Percy's burial shroud?
  11. The next 5 questions are about the Sea of Monsters. What is Percy's half-brother's name?
  12. What monster attacks Percy during gym class?
  13. Who officially recieved the quest to get the Golden Fleece?
  14. What does the Cyclops think Grover is?
  15. What kind of monster is Tyson?
  16. The next 5 questions are from The Titan's Curse. Who is "The General"?
  17. What kind of monster is Dr. Thorn?
  18. What is the name of the leader of the Hunters of Artemis?
  19. What kind of creature is Bessie?
  20. When Percy and his friends go to Westover Hall, what artist sings the song that they dance to?
  21. The next 5 questions are from the Battle of the Labyrinth. Who leads the quest into the Labyrinth?
  22. Who leads Annabeth and her friends to Daedalus's workshop?
  23. In the official Battle of the Labyrinth, who gets killed by a giants's club?
  24. Who is Grover's girlfriend?
  25. Who does Kronos use as his host?
  26. The next 5 questions are from the Last Olympian. What plan does Annabeth use to awaken the statues?
  27. Who is Kronos's main assistant?
  28. What game is Mr. D playing while he is talking to the unconscious Percy?
  29. What kind of car does Paul drive?
  30. What kind of drakon attacks New York City?

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