Which Percy Jackson Character are you?

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Hi! Do you like the percy jackson series like me? Well if you want to define who you are in the movie take this quiz. It's only 12 question! Are you Percy, Annabeth or Grover?

Who could you be? Who is you father or mother? Are you a Sayter? Are you a half-blood? Are you popular? Im not sure but if you take this test find out who you are have fun!!

Created by: PercyLover723
  1. What Color are your eyes?
  2. What is your favorite animal?
  3. Who is your favorite God or Goddess?
  5. What do you think is the most important thing to have in a battle.
  6. Have you read the Percy Jackson series AND/OR seen the movie?
  7. What would you use to defend yourself?
  8. Pick a NUmber
  9. In the movie who do you think is attractive?
  10. What is your favorite Activity of the following?

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Quiz topic: Which Percy Jackson Character am I?