what role do you play in greek mythology?

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Your probably know a lot about mythology, right?? But where, really, do you fit in Greek mythology????? Take this quiz and find out!! You can be a demigod, a monster, a centaur, a enchantress or more!!

Paragraph2: In this Quiz, there are masculine and feminine results, so, just to avoid the confusion of you getting the wrong result, follow this simple rules; If you are a boy, just answer the question where it is written #BOYS, If you are a girl, the #GIRLS ones... And there is one question here it is writer: #ALL, in that case, you must answer it, whether you are a boy or a girl.... anyway, shall we start??

Created by: LuluM

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hey!! Lets start this quiz XD Soo, in case you didn't read the instructions, go back and read them!! For one thing, if you don't, you will get confused XD
  2. Okay, assuming you read the instructions, #GIRLS, what is your hairstyle like?? (If it is not in the options, choose the most alike one XD)
  3. #Boy what do girls say about your looks?? Be honest!
  4. #ALL do you like demigods?
  5. Sorry I run away in the last question.... I didn;t introduce myself... I am a demigo, daughter of Athena... That is why I was a little scared of who ever screamed death to all demigods.... I am ok, now... Lets move on with our quiz #GIRL, who would like to be taken by to the prom??
  6. #BOYS, Same question:
  7. #GIRLS, pick one:
  8. #BOYS, pick one:
  9. #GIRLS, what are you most likely to do, with you had to, lets say, in a truth or dare game?
  10. #BOYS, how about you guys, same question?
  11. #GIRLS, wich, of the folowing word, have you already been acused of being??
  12. #BOYS, same question;
  13. #GIRLS, who do you think you are most alike? (not only physicaly)
  14. #BOYS, who do you consider yourself to be most alike?
  15. #GIRLS, chose the statment that best suits you: (there is a continuation in question 17... If you want to chose one statmente from there, just click in the last opition in this question)
  16. Continuation: (If you aready choose, than click on the last opition)
  17. #BOY, chose the statmente that best suits you: (there are a few statments in the last question, if you want to chose one of them, just click on the last option of this question)
  18. COntinuation: (If you already chosed, than just click in the last option)
  19. Ok, now, that was our last question... I hope you enjoyed this quiz!! Pleeease, leave a commente and rate, because I wnat to know what were your thought XD I realised there were some spelling errors, bu I am to lazy to correct it, so, please, just igore them.... Hope you enjoy your result!! byby

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Quiz topic: What role do I play in greek mythology?