How well do you know all of your Greek Mythology?

How well do you know your Greek Mythology? This test will cover some things from jason and the Argonauts to the tale of Achilles. This quic will also cover the Titans and the Gods! Beware failure...

Do YOU know your Greek Mythology? If you're thinking about taking this test, you should really know your facts! This is one of the hardest Greek Mythology tests ever!

Created by: Regina Balmaceda

  1. Who are the 'Big Three'?
  2. In the tale of Jason and The Argonauts who's remains does Medea dump into the ocean?
  3. Who are the 'Big Three'?
  4. In the tale of Jason and the Argonauts who does Jason seek the help of?
  5. Where is the weak spot of Achilles (Son of Peleus)
  6. Who is the Grandmother of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades?
  7. What fruit did Persephone eat to be forced to stay in the Underworld?
  8. What happens when you cut off the head of a Hydra?
  9. Who created horses?
  10. What is another name for Hercules?
  11. The ______ Labors of Hercules
  12. Who is NOT one of the 12 Olympian Council Members?
  13. Who supposedly created man?
  14. Who defeated the minotaur?
  15. Who challenged Athena at a weaving contest?
  16. Who split open Zeus' head in order to get Athena?
  17. Hestia is goddess of the-
  18. Which one isn't a titan?
  19. Who created the Labyrinth?
  20. Who cut Medusa's head off?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know all of my Greek Mythology?